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Be it the word of mouth or a quick search on the interwebs, you ended up on my website. Welcome! You have a medical or technical text in your hands that needs a translation from English into Turkish, your text needs revising, or perhaps you were not quite happy with the previously translated text and you need to address the issue.You have found the right person.

Just because a person can assemble a flatpack furniture doesn’t mean he or she is a carpenter or opening the tap equals being a plumber, not everyone you know who is fluent in two languages can be called a real translator. In my experience of fifteen years in the translation business, I came across with a plethora of texts that were translated into Turkish and not many of them read like original. That is what you want along with a fast and reliable translation service. And that is what I am happy to provide you with.

If you want to introduce your company to the Turkish market, promote your new device in Turkey, have your website in Turkish in addition to other languages, or you simply need a translation solution in technical fields from English into Turkish for any other purpose, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free of charge quote.

About ME

I spent the last fifteen years of my life educating myself and gaining experience in the field of translation. I know for a fact that one can never be an expert in any field but a constant student till the retirement years hit you. Knowing this at a very early age, I enrolled my first Bachelor’s degree was in English Language and Literature in at Selcuk UnviersityUniversity, in Turkey during which I fell in love with the notion of translation thanks to an elective course and I started working as a freelance translator to gain experience.

Then I felt the need to educate myself further, which led to a second Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting in at Atilim University, Turkey. While I was still studying, I kept on working as a freelancer.I continued working from home as a student. After graduating with the third highest GPA among other students, I carried on translating thousands of words both as an in-house translator and as a freelancer until 2009 when I decided to get a grip of the culture of the language I am using as a means to earn a living. So I decided to get a master’s degree in at the University of East Anglia in the UK. I loved the short time I spent in England, and after few years, I am now back in Norwich where I continue to grow in my career.

I’ve always believed that if you love what you do, success comes easily. And I do love what I do. So, as a recent implant from Ankara, Turkey into Norwich, UK again, I am more than happy to work with you! Wherever you are based! Feel free to contact me!


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